Baby Peanut 'n' Me

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Attention all pregnant mommas in Calgary...

Thyme Maternity in Southcentre mall is closing out. Tomorrow is their last day, and it is 50% off the last ticketed price! The sizes left are XS, S, XL XXL. Retail therapy never hurt anyone...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Penguins and ultrasounds

Well, I'm feeling much better than I was this time last week. The nausea lasted until Saturday, but I feel MUCH better.

On the baby front, I am a penguin. Waddle, waddle, waddle. You get the idea. Brian just laughs as I waddle around the house. When my back is REALLY sore, which is often, it is worse, and he just sits on the couch and laughs at me -- ha...ha...Speaking of my back being sore -- what the heck! Sometimes, if I have been laying, standing or sitting in the same position for longer than about 15 minutes it feels like my lowest vertebrae seize up.

I had an ultrasound last Friday because the doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay and get some measurements. So there I am laying flat on my back on the ultrasound table and then I have to get up off the table to go to the bathroom and then come back for another test. Much easier said than done. You back was frozen. There I am, as big as a whale, trying to turn to my side and maybe get off the table, and the ultrasound tech (nicest lady ever!!!) is wondering what the heck is going on. Finally I manage to get on my side and I turn my lower body in such a way that produces an audible CRRRRACCK in my lower back. She says "Is that normal?" I said, "Normal is not a word in my vocabulary at the moment; I'm just taking whatever my body gives me and trying to function." So after my back cracked I was okay to waddle to the bathroom. Then I had to come back and lie on the table again and have another test done. Then I had to get up again to go home -- same thing again, wait for the CRRRACCK and I'm fine.

Okay, so a little more about the ultrasound -- we have the CUTEST baby ever!!!!! It was sucking all of its fingers on one hand. You could see the sucking motion in the ultrasound -- SO CUTE! She said the baby is head down and she would be surprised if it didn't stay that way.

Anyway, I'm in SERIOUS nesting mode. Must later...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm on bed rest...

Only for the rest of the week, but still, that's too long for me! I have food poisoning. I wrote about it in more detail on my other blog.