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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Croup sucks

So about three days ago Harrison and I got colds. Well, mine has mostly gone, but Harrison is SICK. We have spent the last few days with him just laying on us and whimpering. So last night we finally took him into the ER. They wanted to just keep him in over night to watch him. As it turns out, he has croup. Poor little guy. He coughs so hard that he throws up. Thankfully today he hasn't been throwing up, but yesterday...well...brian got slimed good. Poor little man. Today he is more alert, but still really sad. We are hiding out at home until this goes away.

I hope all of your little ones are doing better than our little dude!


On the moving newsfront: we sold our house in two days :) It actually hadn't even made it on to the market. We met with the realtor on Sunday night and the house was sold Tuesday night, subject to financing. We found out today that she has been approved and the house is officially sold! We got $1,000 under our asking price, so we are happy!

I am packing a little each day, so that is making it easier.

Not much else is new here.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh babe, I am so sorry. As an old veteran when it comes to croup I offer my condolences.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Alyson said...

sorry about you baby. While you are at it packing and all I still need my pictures before you go. Or after. I know I'm not the best customer.

At 6:04 PM, Blogger beebop said...

poor Harrison! I hope you guys are doing better today. congrats on selling the house that quick!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

wow arewsome news on the house... real sucky on the news about Harrison... poor guy... hope he feels better soon!

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Jodie said...

Poor Baby! Landon was doing the exact same stuff a couple weeks ago. Now he uses a nebulizer (sp?) twice a day.

Hope you both get better soon.


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