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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Everyone else is doing it...

Switching over to Wordpress, that is.

Yup, I've joined the rest!

Here is the link:


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Holy Crap!

So Brian and I are eating dinner the other night, Harrison is crawling around and playing on the floor. All of a sudden, Brian looks up and says "Holy Crap." Harrison is up two stairs. He is quick too! So, he is officially doing stairs! He is starting to pull himself up to standing on everything too. It is hilarious to watch him. He grunts when he is working really hard!

He is also doing MUCH better. He is back to his crazy, outgoing, laughing, funny self. The only thing is that he has decided that at about 3 every morning he wants mommy to come and snuggle him. I'm not sure what is going on, but he has done it a couple of times in a row now
I have no problem letting him cry, but he just whimpers and cries for an hour. I'm not sure what is going on.

This move is becoming more real. It has been snowing like crazy here, like everywhere else, and I'm not going to miss it!

I have some pics to post, but I'll have to post them later; I'm on the laptop right now.

Stay warm on this Valentine's day!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Croup sucks

So about three days ago Harrison and I got colds. Well, mine has mostly gone, but Harrison is SICK. We have spent the last few days with him just laying on us and whimpering. So last night we finally took him into the ER. They wanted to just keep him in over night to watch him. As it turns out, he has croup. Poor little guy. He coughs so hard that he throws up. Thankfully today he hasn't been throwing up, but yesterday...well...brian got slimed good. Poor little man. Today he is more alert, but still really sad. We are hiding out at home until this goes away.

I hope all of your little ones are doing better than our little dude!


On the moving newsfront: we sold our house in two days :) It actually hadn't even made it on to the market. We met with the realtor on Sunday night and the house was sold Tuesday night, subject to financing. We found out today that she has been approved and the house is officially sold! We got $1,000 under our asking price, so we are happy!

I am packing a little each day, so that is making it easier.

Not much else is new here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm lovin' it.

Well, here is the scoop! Last year we spent Christmas in Miami/West Palm Beach with Brian's family. While we were there Brian's cousins were all there and there is one cousin there whose father-in-law owns some McDonalds and he works there. Well, to make a long story short, a couple months ago Brian asked if there were any openings in their organization for Brian to work in a management position with the final goal being owning our own restaurant. His cousin jumped on it and said, there is. So, we just spent a week there so Brian could see if this is really what he wants to do.

For those that don't know, we looked into buying my brother's restaurant last year, but it just wasn't going to work out. We have always talked about owning our own franchise restaurant, but it wasn't looking likely. This is a great way for Brian to get training in the McDonald's biz and for us to have time to save money. He will be making more money starting than we are making here, and he will move up more quickly than he would at the bank where he is now.

While this takes us far away from my family, it is a GREAT opportunity for us. Brian can work his way up the organization and we will scrimp and save so we can buy our own restaurant. It is a BIG change, but we are so excited. My family isn't so excited. I talked to my sister who has lived away from our family since she was married in the early '90s and she said while it is really hard, if you decide that you are going to like it, then you will. If you decide to hate it, then you will. Of course it is about the mindset, but I know it is going to be hard.

Brian and I have made a lot of great friends here. We really like the area and are going to miss our friends. Brian has a LOT of family in West Palm Beach, which is going to be great, but it still isnt my family. I really connected with some of the girls down there while we were there last week, so I'm confident I'll have some great girlfriends down there.

Anyway, that's what is going on. I may be totally insane for moving, but I know I would go totally insane playing the what-if game the rest of my life if I didn't do this.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm a is why.

Well, we went to West Palm Beach, Florida, for a week. We got in late last night, but our luggage didn't. Oh well. So, the reason we were there? To relax...hang out...get a new job. Yup, hubby has a new job there. We are moving at the end of February. This is HUGE. What a massive move. It will be great. More to come, I'm sure. Here are some pics from the beach!

Also, in other BIG news -- Harrison started crawling yesterday!!!!!!!! He has been chasing the cats all day!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

And this just in...

Harrison fed himself a bottle for the first time all by himself yesterday morning -- daddy and I were SOOOOOOOO excited!

Friday, December 22, 2006

My little man is growing up!

Someone has discovered that if you tuck your legs up underneath you and put your bum in the air and get up on your can move. He isn't moving very fast, but it looks like we may have a crawler on our hands soon. It is the cutest thing to watch!

I have him on video...if only I could figure out how to post them.

We tried grinding up our dinner the other night to feed to Harrison -- NO WAY WAS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN. He gagged and gagged and gagged. It wasn't spicey or anything. Silly man.

We are going to my parents' for Christmas :) Nothing like being home for Christmas!

From our family to yours -- WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!